Caribbean Airlines reassures passengers

March 15, 2019
Caribbean Airlines
Caribbean Airlines

In the wake of the Ethiopian Airlanes tragedy, Caribbean Airlines has sought to reassure passengers that the airline has an impeccable safety record.

The airline, in a media release yesterday, said that its safety comes "due in no small part to the use of very reliable equipment, an extremely well-trained team, and a first-class maintenance and engineering department".

The airline stressed that it does not fly the Boeing 737 MAX8 aircraft, one of which crashed on Sunday shortly after take-off from Addis Ababa. All 157 people were killed.

"The airline will not, and in fact cannot, introduce any aircraft into its fleet that does not meet the most stringent international and domestic regulations," the release said. "If the Boeing 737 MAX8 aircraft fails to meet any of the very stringent requirements, it will not, and in fact cannot, be added to the fleet."

Caribbean Airlines said that its international aviation consultants, attorneys, and management are closely monitoring the situation, and would take all required steps to continue to safeguard the airline, its customers and staff.

The airline said the meantime, it is "doing all that it reasonably can, to accommodate on its aircraft, those passengers of other air carriers who may be affected by the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX-8."

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