Woman beaten to get rid of demon

March 15, 2019

"The blood of Jesus!," were the words uttered by one woman, followed by screams, as she threw dirt and water on a female in a community in Clarendon.

Children playing close by stopped to stare. Community members stepped outside their homes to see what was the source of the ruckus. And it was almost like time stood still with everyone taking notes of what was happening.

"Dem a seh demon deh pon har, so dem a try beat it out," a community member said.

When our news team asked what had transpired, one woman, who was standing close by, said that one of the females was 'sick.'

The 'sick' woman was wrapped in what seemed like a sheet, while two other females walked around her, shouting: 'Jesus'.

According to a resident, the 'possessed' woman went to a funeral, and she was followed home by the spirit of the deceased.

"She go funeral of the man she used to date and go kiss him, and from she come back, she sick," the resident said.

'sick' female

It is understood that the 'sick' woman is not a member of the community. But according to information received, she went to the area because of the deceased man.

While speaking with the resident, one of the women, who was trying to get the demon out of the 'sick' female, grabbed a tree branch, supposedly to beat her with it.

However, Bishop Rowan Edwards of the Lighthouse Assemblies Church said that a demon cannot be beaten out of anyone.

"Paul in the Bible said that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities ... Demons are spirits, and as such, you cannot beat a spirit with physical things," he said.

On the matter of the dirt and water being thrown on the woman, Edwards said that these things are myths because they do not have any effect on the force inside the person. He said that the only way to get a demon out of someone is to call on Jesus.

"When the young boy was possessed with demons, Jesus opened his mouth, and the demons left the boy. The only thing you can use to get them out is the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus," Edwards said.

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