I was not kicked out - Mackerel denies being evicted

March 19, 2019
Ladasha ‘Mackerel’ Francis
Ladasha ‘Mackerel’ Francis

Since Ladasha 'Mackerel' Francis became a social media sensation, there have been many rumours about her life.

Recently, a video surfaced of Francis supposedly getting kicked out of a house. But, according to her, she left of her own accord.

"Mi did live wid a man but him nuh like the excitement and I am all about the excitement. So three weeks ago, the girl that was my friend tell mi seh I can come by and stay wid her," she said.

The friendship turned sour a few days ago, after Francis asked her friend about some missing money.

"Mi nuh know if dem feel like mi a mek a bag a money, but mi realise seh $9,000 missing from mi purse. Mi ask about it and she seh she nuh know nothing about it. Mi let it go," she said. "Then another day, $3,000 missing again. Mi confront her about it and she and the people dem weh deh deh flare up pan mi and a seh mi a call dem tief and dem nuh need fi tief no money from me and all these things. Dem start gwaan bad, so mi pack up mi things and leave," she said.

Realising that she left things at the house, Francis said she wanted to go back but was hindered by verbal assaults from the residents.

She said that she was the one who called the police to escort her as she went for her belongings.

"A nuh like mi leave mi things dem there for spite, so mi did waan go back for them but them a tell mi who bad and who fah posse dem have. Through mi nuh have no posse or nobody fi back mi like that, mi call the police and ask them to help me because I needed my things," she said. "So dem can gwaan talk all them waan. People always a talk and them don't know the full story. Mi move out and mi let them be. Mi focus on my work right now, I don't want to be mixed up in negativity."

Checks made at the Spanish Town Police Station revealed that a report was made by Francis.

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