Weekend Escape: Buck-naked baths at Rozelle Falls

March 22, 2019
Ruel Edwards prepares to take a shower under the falls.
Rozelle Falls is the right spot for an intense shower.
Rozelle Falls is located along a roadside in St Thomas.

No longer are buck- naked baths at the Rozelle Falls in St Thomas shocking to residents of the parish.

Both tourists and members of the community can be seen, at any given time of day, enjoying the cool, cascading waters with every body part on show.

In recent years, the once heavy-flowing wonder has decreased to a small but spectacular flow, but the spot is still one of the most frequently visited attractions in the parish.

Take it from Ruel Edwards, a resident of Rozelle, who admitted that he often bathes at the popular roadside falls that is located along the main road from Yallahs to Morant Bay.

“Not only do we as residents shower and wash here regularly, we also use the waterfalls as a means of recreational activity, with people setting up tents across the road sometimes and playing music. Also, persons who are coming through St Thomas use it as a place to relax their minds from their long journey,” he said, adding that many persons also stop there to take photos of the falls.

Edwards told THE WEEKEND STAR that Rozelle Falls also serves as the water source for many residents whenever there is a drought.

The hotspot has various smaller falls and springs, where people are usually seen filling water bottles and buckets for drinking and cooking purposes.

But for Edwards, the cool spot, which is shaded by almond trees and rocks and overlooks miles of blue sea, is the ideal place for him to relax and focus on his music.

“I’m a singer, so this is where I meditate and really put words together. This is one of my main sources of meditation. I’m actually in the process of concentrating on some music,” said Edwards, while quickly adding that he was not thrown off by our little chat.

At Rozelle Falls, which is located approximately four miles outside the town of Morant Bay, visitors also get to enjoy a cool jelly coconut or a chilled bottle of Irish moss drink from vendors in the area.



Rating: 3/5


Essentials: Towels, a change of clothes, and water shoes/slippers. Also, there are no bathrooms or changing areas, so be prepared to change in your vehicle.


Best thing: The view. It overlooks the sea and is a great spot for a natural photo shoot.


Directions: From Kingston – After leaving small town of Yallahs, the Rozelle Falls is about 12km (15 to 17 minutes drive) from the popular Yallahs Jerk Centre. There are no turn-off, as it is located along the only main road in the parish.


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