Mackerel says she is not a prostitute - Social media sensation wants apology from radio personality

March 25, 2019
Ladasha ‘Mackerel’ Francis
Ladasha ‘Mackerel’ Francis
Jenny Jenny
Jenny Jenny

Social media sensation Ladasha 'Mackerel' Francis says she is disappointed that radio personality Jennifer 'Jenny Jenny' Small referred to her as a 'prostitute' in a recent interview.

Francis said that she felt insulted.

"Mi did feel a way about what she said because mi nah tek five, six, seven man a night time. She said that live on air, and all me a seh is if you think mi a prostitute, keep it to yourself. That is your opinion. Be more professional than that even if a the truth you think you a talk," she said.

"Mi woulda respect her if she give me an apology still because anyone would a feel a way about what she said. She nuh inna no position to judge me. She a do her interview, yes, and no one forced me to do it. However, who is she to judge me and tell me that I am a prostitute? And then mi tell her seh I don't classify myself as a prostitute, and she a go tell me yes. That is very awful."

In the interview, which has been reposted numerous times on social media, Jenny Jenny said: "Ladasha, it is prostitution that you are doing. When your son say to you: 'Mommy, why have you decided to be a prostitute?' What are you going to say to him?"

Sexual favours

She continued: "You cannot tell me you are taking people's man, you're having sex with some, some you try fi hide out and this is what you do for a living, you get up to $80,000 per month, and you are saying it is not prostitution?"

Francis responded, saying: "It is not prostitution, man."

Jenny Jenny then said: "Once it is that you exchange sexual favours in exchange for any commodity, whether is money or things - car, house, land, money - it is prostitution."

Despite the negative feedback to the radio interview, Jenny Jenny is standing by her statement.

"It is what I meant. If you chose to lie down with someone just to see what you can get, it is prostitution. She (Ladasha) finds men, so that they can take care of her, take care of her child. She don't care about school, and it's what she does for a living," Jenny Jenny told THE STAR in an interview yesterday.

She continued: "She is taking as many men as she can possibly use, and she is not thinking about mashing up people's home because it is about her personal gain. What is the difference between that and a prostitute?"

And although Francis believes she deserves an apology, Jenny Jenny has none.

"I have no apology for it whatsoever because I'm very concerned that she is damaging people's homes. But she is not concerned about that, she is just concerned with how much she can get. She can get 40k from each man. Why am I to feel badly about the fact that I think that it is wrong. Why should I feel badly for saying she is damaging people's homes and prostituting her body? She is prostituting her body," she said.

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