Men freed of 2014 Barrett Town murder charge

March 25, 2019

Christopher Thomas

STAR Writer

Two St James brothers, who were arrested in 2014 for the shooting death of a man from Barrett Town in the parish, were freed of the charge when they appeared before the St James Circuit Court yesterday.

Cebone Smith and Tevaugn Smith were charged with the murder of Haniff Sinclair, who was shot and killed on August 31, 2014. They were freed of the charge following a brief trial session before presiding High Court Justice Martin Gayle.

During the case's mention, the prosecution told Gayle that there was no forensic evidence, cell-site documentation or clear identification to link either defendant to the incident, and that the firearm used in Sinclair's killing was never recovered.

The court was also told that the prosecution's primary witness had indicated an unwillingness to continue with the matter. Consequently, a no-evidence motion was made to dismiss the charges against the Smiths.

"The Crown offers no evidence as far as this matter is concerned; so this matter is dismissed," Gayle told the men.

According to the allegations in the case, on August 31, 2014, Sinclair was shot and killed while walking with a group of friends in a common area.

Cebone Smith was later pointed out to the police in connection with Sinclair's death, and he was arrested and charged. Tevaugn Smith was arrested and charged sometime afterward.

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