‘NUH Limits’ for the ChavanNelson Foundation

March 27, 2019

The ChavanNelson Foun-dation is stepping up the #NUHLimits initiative that is aimed at pushing students to be their best.

Maryann 'Amoy' Williams, the CNF agent for Clarendon, told CENTRAL STAR that the initiative is powered by the need to give students a voice, as well as allow them to interact with persons who are willing to discuss the issues that affected them and show how they overcame those obstacles.

Williams said that the empowerment programme is presented as a discussion among friends - a safe zone for children to open up, process their own issues and commit to working beyond the limits.

NUH Limits was started in 2015, and, at the time, it featured 100 students per school in mass motivational sessions. This year, the initiative was relaunched and upgraded to a school tour to facilitate all four Jamaica-based CNF locations - Clarendon, Hanover, Kingston & St Andrew, and St James.

Last month, the Clarendon CNF volunteers went to Denbigh High School where they interacted with more than 120 students.

"It was pretty amazing to hear the students shouting 'nuh limits' after the sessions. I believe they were truly motivated, as many of them had so many issues dealing with. Having persons sharing their stories of success amid personal, spiritual and financial difficulties really gave the students hope," said Williams.

She said that the students left the sessions understanding that they, too, can make their mark in society despite what they are going through.

"After the sessions, many were seen talking to the speakers and inviting them to come back. They appreciated the fact that they could ask questions freely and were given real answers - not sugar-coated," said Williams.

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