An unforgettable Voice - Jamaicans mourn the death of Dorraine Samuels

March 27, 2019
Dorraine Samuels

As news spread of veteran media personality Dorraine Samuels’ death yesterday, many were in shock.

Two vendors in downtown Kingston were too shaken to fully express how they felt.

“Dorraine dead? She did sick? But she not even did look it,” one of the vendors said.

“Mi not even know what to say right now because me still in shock. Mi never did a look for this,” the other vendor added.

Samuels, a long-time employee of the RJRGLEANER Communications Group, died yesterday at the age of 59.

She had been battling cancer.

Karen Williams was also among the many persons expressing grief. She said that she grew up listening to the Dorraine Samuels and Alan Magnus on RJR FM in the mornings. She said that over the years, Samuels taught her valuable lessons through her talk show.

“She has a nice voice and a nice personality. She is a very nice lady. I grow up listening to her all the time, and she reminds me of my mom,” Williams said.

While expressing sadness about Samuels’ death, Valrie Howell took the time to caution people about how easily one can die.

“Mi always listen to her on the news, but it is just sad. She lived her life, enuh, but death can come at any time,” she said.

A man, who goes by the name Stanley, also spoke highly of Samuels.

“We a go miss her because we wake up and hear her on the radio a morning time, and go home and see her on the news. We always a wonder how she nuh look old,” he said.

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