Man with weed conviction charged again

April 09, 2019

A man who was arrested in 2013 on ganja-related offences found himself in trouble with the law again on similar charges when he was hauled before the St James Parish Court last Wednesday.

Odane Blackwood, 24, of a Lilliput address, pleaded guilty to possession of and dealing in eight ounces of ganja when he appeared before Judge Sandria Wong-Small.

It is alleged that police officers, armed with a warrant, went to Blackwood’s home in Lilliput and conducted a search. They seized several parcels of ganja weighing eight ounces, along with cash amounting to J$4,200; Blackwood was subsequently arrested and charged.

When the case was mentioned, the court was told that Blackwood had a previous conviction for ganja-related charges in 2013, a revelation that did not sit well with Wong-Small.

“Don’t you know you are not to come back here for these offences, sir?” Wong-Small asked Blackwood sternly.

“Now me sure, ma’am,” Blackwood answered.

Wong-Small then ordered Blackwood to pay a J$2,000 fine or spend 30 days in prison on the possession charge, and J$4,000 or 30 days on the dealing charge.


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