Photographer's primary attacker now in custody

April 09, 2019

After being on the run for several months, the woman who allegedly stabbed popular Montego Bay photographer Allan Lewin multiple times and left him for dead is now in police custody.

The woman, whose identity is being withheld, was arrested by police officers from the Barnett Street Police Station during an operation in the volatile Norwood community on Sunday.

When THE WESTERN STAR spoke to Lewin yesterday, he said that he was very pleased with the arrest of the third attacker, who he described as the most vicious of the three.

“I never did anything to them (the women), and they almost killed me,” said Lewin. “In fact, I have been living in fear knowing that one of them was still out there in the streets.”

According to reports, on the night of June 1, Lewin was standing in the vicinity of the St James Parish Court in Montego Bay, when the three women, who were previously known to him, accused him of covering up information about another woman. When Lewin denied the claim, he was viciously attacked with knives.

Lewin was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery. He was later transferred to the Falmouth Hospital in Trelawny, where he completed his rehabilitation.


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