Alpart gives $2.7 million to farmers

April 10, 2019
Mavis Brown and Janice Miller, farmers from Lucky Valley receiving vouchers from Leighton Smith, councillor for the Myersville Division.
Alpart Community Council representatives and farmers showing vouchers received under the agriculture stimulus programme.

Some 540 farmers in St Elizabeth we recently gifted a total of $2.7 million in farm subsidies under a programme funded by  JISCO/Alpart, and implemented by the Alpart Community Council.

The stimulus programme targets local farmers in Alparts operating area by providing them with vouchers that are redeemable at various farm stores in the area. Each voucher is valued at $5,000 and will be used by farmers to offset the cost of agriculture inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, farming tools, baby chicks, animal feed, and medication.

The Alpart Community Council comprises of 44 communities and each community representative was presented with 10 vouchers per community.

Vouchers were also distributed to executive members of the Council as well as the political directorate who represents communities in Alparts operating area of south east St. Elizabeth and South Manchester.


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