‘Everybody coulda dead’ - Crowd scampers as car crashes into gas station

April 11, 2019

The management at Braham's Texaco in Port Antonio, Portland is still assessing damages following a bizarre incident last Thursday in which a motorist crashed into the service station and was brought to a halt by a gas pump.

The incident, which could have caused a major disaster, including loss of lives, was quickly averted after a pump attendant and policeman used extinguishers to put out a resulting blaze.

The incident happened following the victory rally for the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), after the Eastern Portland by-election.

THE STAR witnessed as the driver of a Toyota Mark II sped on to the gas station premises on the corner of Blake and Harbour streets, hit a column, another vehicle and the Texaco sign before coming to a complete stop.

More than 200 persons who were standing nearby ran frantically for cover.

When our news team contacted the service station, Assistant Manager Sashoy McKenzie told THE STAR that assessments were still being done.

"There were no injuries. The damage is still being assessed. The detective was actually here when it happened so they are dealing with it," McKenzie said.

Our news team gathered that the driver of the car ran away from the scene, making his escape in the large crowd.

An eyewitness told THE STAR, "The police dem come and put the car on wrecker. All now dem nuh find the driver. The amount a charge him a run from. Everybody coulda dead. The yute and the police weh use the fire extinguisher, a dem save we life. A the fastest me ever run, mi run pass weh mi a guh di way mi frighten."

THE STAR asked a lawman at the Port Antonio Police Station for an update, but a sergeant gave no details.

THE STAR contacted Superintendent Dwayne Wellington of the Port Antonio Police; however, he told our news team that he was overseas, on leave, so he is unaware of the incident.

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