I am innocent - Corporal involved in Spanish Town shooting speaks out

May 02, 2019

Kirk Frazer, the cop at the centre of allegations that he was involved in the murder of a Spanish Town businessman and the subsequent killing of another man after a high-speed chase, has denied that he was involved in any wrongdoing.

In an interview last night on TVJ’s nightly newscast, Frazer said that he, Constable Rohan Williams, and another policeman were outside the dance where businessman Sheldon Daley was killed.

But he denied that they were the ones who murdered him. Frazer said that they heard explosions and saw armed men running towards a Nissan Tiida.

Frazer said he and his colleagues gave chase. During the chase, he said he noticed a white car following them.

Frazer then said that he and his colleagues came under fire from the occupant or occupants of the trailing vehicle.

He said that after the vehicle he was travelling in collided with a car, he lost consciousness.

When he came to, Frazer said that he saw a man who he believed was a policeman, walked over to the other vehicle involved in the accident and shot a man.

He said the same shooter then walked over to his vehicle and killed Williams.

Frazer said that after a crowd started to gather, including other police personnel, he begged some cops to take him to hospital.

However, he admits that he fled the vehicle for fear that they may have been rogue cops. Frazer said that he wants to turn himself in, but is fearful of the “negative news” being circulated.

“I worried now even about my family,” he sobbed. “I’m learning now that the men who chased our vehicle are gangsters,” he said.


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