Clarendon woman on a mission to clean up communities

May 08, 2019
Volunteers cleaning up the community.
Volunteers cleaning up the community.
Rosemarie Langoth
Rosemarie Langoth

Founder of the Longville Park Theatre and Cultural Movement, Rosemarie Langoth, is on a mission to change how housing schemes in Jamaica are maintained.

On Saturday, Langoth took the first step in achieving that dream with the launch of the Mi Na Dutty Up Mi Community campaign, where volunteers came out to tackle the debushing and cleaning up of the scheme.

"We worked on the Vision Garden - a heavily bushed gully bank that circles the perimeter of the police station and the community centre in Phase 2. This Vision Garden sets the platform statement of transforming all bushed areas in the community into a lovely garden," said Langoth.

Langoth said that the initiative was powered by a desire to change the way how non-gated housing schemes across Jamaica are maintained.

Unlike gated communities where maintenance fees are collected and the community maintains a clean look, Langoth said schemes that do not fall into that category often have bushy areas and an untidy look, as no one wants to be bothered with the task of organising clean-ups.

"The value of the house is dependent on the upkeep of the community," said Langoth, adding that everyone wants a clean and beautiful community to live in.

Langoth said that there are plans in place to implement an ongoing maintenance crew, who will be easily identified with the initiative's slogan (Mi Na Dutty Up Mi Community) on their overalls.

She is now hoping that other National Housing Trust schemes will mimic the movement in their communities, as this will go a long way in having cleaner communities across the island.

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