Former Minister Ruel Reid under criminal investigation

May 10, 2019

Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson today confirmed that sacked education minister Ruel Reid is the subject of a criminal investigation.

However, Anderson declined to provide details.

"Yes, there is an ongoing investigation. At this time, I can't give you an update on that," he said during his first press conference since taking over as police commissioner a year ago.

Pressed as to why he could not provide an update on the investigation, Anderson said "because it ongoing."

"It's a financial investigation and one that is quite complex investigations," he told journalists.

Anderson said the probed involves several police formations, including the Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Division and the Constabulary Financial Unit.

The Financial Investigation Division of the Ministry of Finance is also part of the probe, he said.

"I think it is only proper that we continue this investigation without saying too much at this point," Anderson said.


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