St James health department cleaning up MoBay

May 21, 2019
Chief Public Health Inspector for St James, Lennox Wallace (centre), and Deputy Superintendent Kevin Francis (right), in charge of operations for St James, along with public health officers search for breaches within the Charles Gordon Market, in Montego Bay on Monday.

More than a dozen persons were prosecuted for breaches of the Public Health Act yesterday on day one of clean-up campaign ‘Operation Restore Paradise’, which was launched in Montego Bay, St James.

Representatives from the St James Public Health Department flocked the streets of the Second City, in search of businesses that were considered unfit for public use and to cite .

Lennox Wallace, chief public health inspector for St James, told the WESTERN STAR that he and his team are looking out for breaches such as persons operating without public health licences and shops operating within unsanitary spaces.

“We have visited the Charles Gordon Market and other areas within Montego Bay, and so far the team has cited dozens of persons, including business operators, who operate within the breach of the Public Health Act,” Wallace said. “We are targeting the People’s Arcade, which we consider to be a eyesore to Montego Bay, as it is one of the main areas which breeds rodents within the township.”


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