Bike thieves ruin vendor's livelihood

May 22, 2019
Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards

Last Thursday started like any other day for Michael Edwards as he made his way from Waterhouse, St Andrew, in the wee hours of the morning to The Gleaner Company, North Street in Kingston, where he would collect newspapers to sell. However, he didn’t make it to his destination on his bike because he was trailed and robbed of his vehicle at gunpoint.

He said that his Zamco 200 bike, which he bought for $160,000 in 2017, was taken from him as he turned on to East Street in downtown Kingston early in the morning.

“I ride come Half-Way Tree Road and was at the stoplight about 4 in the morning. I saw a car that stopped as well, but I didn’t see anything suspicious. I rode off, and I saw a bright light a come fast behind me, so mi start ride faster. When I went through the first stoplight on Slipe Pen Road, I didn’t see the light again, so I thought it was a taxi. When I reached at Torrington Bridge, I heard a vehicle seh ‘peep peep’. When mi look back, mi see a black Tiida, and me speed up,” he said.

Edwards thought he had evaded the car that was trailing him, but that was not the case.

“When I ride pass the place weh them sell crab (at Heroes Circle) and a go fi turn pon East Street, mi see a car drive come dung pon me, and one a di man dem grab on pon the grille at the back of the bike and ‘rackle’ it. When him do that, the driver of the car swing over pon me. Mi get off balance, and when mi brake up and a try push back the bike, one a di bwoy jump out with him gun and seh: ‘Come off the bike and mind me shoot yuh.’ Everything happen so sudden. Me did just haffi give up the bike,” he said.


He continued: “When him ride off, all mi could a do a watch him and the other man drive off behind him go up Wolmer’s way, and mi walk come dung the road with me helmet.”

The Kingston Central police confirmed that a report was made.

However, the 59-year-old father of one said that he is devastated that he no longer has his bike, as it is what he uses to get around to sell his newspapers.

He said that he currently borrows a friend’s bike to do his pick-ups, but he has to return it before 10 a.m.

“I don’t know how long me a go can borrow mi friend bike. I would like my own,” he said.

“Mi use mi friend bike to try and do morning sales before he is ready for it. After that, I will use a bicycle that I have and put the papers on it and ride round in the communities round me and gwaan sell.”

Even though it is challenging to get around and work without his bike, Edwards told THE STAR that he is not giving up.

Edwards said that he has been trying to save enough money to buy another bike, but he would like some help.


Anyone wishing to assist Michael Edwards to buy another bike may contact him at 876-325-9121.

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