Clarendon politicians want emergency response to crime

May 27, 2019
Zuleika Jess
Mike Henry

The political representatives in Central Clarendon are making strong demands for increased security presence in the parish, particularly in May Pen.

Mike Henry, the member of parliament, has renewed his call for the establishment of a Zone of Special Operations in the parish capital, “as the situation just cannot be allowed to continue as is.”

At the same time, Zuleika Jess, the People's National Party's caretaker for the constituency, said May Pen is experiencing a crisis, and there is need for emergency measures in the town.

The calls from the politicians follows a brazen daylight attack by criminals with high-powered weapons in May Pen on Sunday morning. The incident left two cops injured. A police sergeant and a constable, both attached to the May Pen Police Station, were shot and injured as they attempted to foil a robbery at a supermarket in Guinep Tree along Main Street.

Henry said there can now be no question about the need for some special security arrangements for May Pen, “something I have been calling for quite some time now, and for which the time has come in no uncertain manner.”

He said criminal elements in the town have “gotten out of hand and are showing scant regard for the police.”

Meanwhile, Jess, writing on Facebook, said scenes from Sunday's incident are like the wild wild West.

"My heart bleeds for my parish," she said.

"We have an emergency. We need an urgent crime plan to deal with the peculiar nature of the parish. We need Jamaica Eye to be fully implemented in the parish. The police must be commended for their efforts but they need to be empowered. We need more boots on the ground. More resources. Criminals can't have high powered weapons whilst police are given basic resources," she said.

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