Nathan Viccas brings Wild, Wild West to Burnt Savannah

May 28, 2019
Nathan Viccas (left) says he plans to teach his grandson, Hayden, how to operate the carriage.
Nathan Viccas (left) shares his horse-drawn carriage with his grandson, Hayden.

Nathan Viccas, a 60-year-old auto lubricant dealer of Burnt Savannah in Westmoreland, has always been fascinated with the Wild, Wild West, and those who see him might easily mistake him for a cowboy.

He and his horse, Ruby, are often the centre of attention around Savanna-la-mar, and during the days, you can see them being flocked by local and visitors wanting to take photographs.

“I have been doing this from I was a child,” Viccas told The WESTERN STAR. “My grandfather started it more that 80 years ago, and since birth, I have taken up the role of introducing the Western lifestyle in Westmoreland.”

He continued: “I am the first man in Jamaica, maybe even in the world, to use a horse drawn vehicle at fast food outlets, such as Juici Beef and KFC. I do most of this for recreational purposes, and I love making people comfortable and happy.”

Viccas said that he has been using the horse-drawn vehicle all his life, and it is his main mode of transportation. But now that he is getting older, he wants to pass on his knowledge.

“I am now training my grandson to be an expert carriage horseman, so he can pick up where I left off in days to come, and continue the family tradition,” Viccas said.


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