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June 05, 2019
Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig
Tarrus Riley
Tarrus Riley

Explosions on Bond film set

The James Bond film set was rocked by three huge explosions yesterday, which left a crew member injured and the 007 stage in pieces.

The forthcoming blockbuster has been plagued with even more bad luck after a "controlled explosion" went wrong at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England.

The official Twitter account released a statement saying: "During the filming of a controlled explosion on the set of Bond 25 today at Pinewood Studios, damage was caused to the exterior of the 007 Stage. There were no injuries on set, however one crew member outside the stage has sustained a minor injury."

It's believed that part of the roof was ripped off and a few wall panels fell down when the blast erupted through the multimillion-pound building.

The incident comes just weeks after filming was stalled for a week when Daniel Craig - who plays the suave spy - injured his ankle while shooting in Jamaica.

Jah9 launches summer tour

VP Records artiste Jah9 has announced the launch of her summer tour across Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Highlights of this run include June 27 at BRIC's Celebrate Brooklyn festival, premier reggae concert Rototom on August 22, and August 26 at the House of Commons in London.

Jah9 released the video for the first single off her upcoming album, Heaven, on International Women's Day in March.

This single follows the Feelings EP released earlier this year and the critically acclaimed 9 album project in 2016.

Jah9 is a versatile and talented female Jamaican musician, motivational speaker, poet, activist, certified yoga instructor and advocate for overall wellness. Her music and affirmations are laced with powerful messages that enlighten listeners on mindfulness and healthy living.

On the new single, Jah9 states, " Heaven is your highest joy."

"To the yogi (practitioner of yoga), the highest joy is transcending the flesh and being one with God. Really and truly, I believe everyone wants that, but everyone doesn't call it that," she said.

Tarrus Riley puts out new project

International recording artiste Tarrus Riley has a new project on the way titled B.L.E.M (Blending Life's Experiences Musically).

"In Jamaica we don't say 'blend', we say 'blem', and that stands for a mixture. Every song has a different feeling and a different mood, its mood music. Its a little touch of international, a little touch of Afrobeats, a little touch of our Caribbean scotch bonnet pepper in the blem," said Riley.

The five-track project, produced by Andron 'IzyBeats' Cross, highlights the multi-talented Riley showcasing his ability to create music in every style.

"It was important for me to produce Tarrus Riley outside of what many are use to, didn't want the ragamuffin voice Tarrus, I wanted to showcase the melodic, sweet voice and put a spin on it," said Cross.

Ghanian artiste Stonebwoy and new Jamaican sensation Lila Ike are featured on the project.

JahDon drops follow-up single

Reggae artiste JahDon will release a new summer anthem for the women, Congo Bongo Empress, on June 16.

This contemporary reggae love song is another musical collaboration with AudioTraxx, who produced his previous singles, I Got Love and breakthrough song Congo Bongo.

In Congo Bongo, JahDon challenges the stigmatisation of the Rastaman, expressed through a woman's transformation after she falls in love with one.

He musically crowns her in Congo Bongo Empress with lyrics: " She sophisticated. She well intelligent. An when mi gi har mi money fi go ah market, nuh ask if it well spent. Ambition high. Down to di earth, mi nah lie."

"I chose to retell the story in a time when a opposite negative message a gwaan towards di black woman on the music scene," JahDon said. "This is a song for the natural women who are on a journey of self-awareness. It is also a transformational reminder of the power of the black woman as seen through the eyes of her king. I an I think that we need to respect our black empress dem and treat dem better."

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