Cop breaks arm in fight with detainee

June 18, 2019

A police constable is nursing a broken arm, after he got into a fight with one of four detainees at the Falmouth lock-up in Trelawny on the weekend.

Commanding officer for Trelawny, Superintendent Kirk Ricketts, told THE WESTERN STAR that this is a most unfortunate situation, which is currently being investigated by the police and the Independent Commission of Investigations.

"The matter is presently still under investigations, and so far the detainee in question has not been charged," Ricketts said.

According to Ricketts, an operation was carried out in Clark's Town last Friday morning, where four men were detained and taken to the Falmouth station for processing.

"While in the holding area, an argument developed between the officer and one of the detainees, resulting in the officer suffering a fractured arm, and the detainee (receiving) bruises to his body," he said. "We are still not yet sure as to what really started the dispute, but an investigation is now on the way, and based on results from that investigation, we will move forward."

It is further reported that the lawman was arguing with one detainee, when another intervened, sparking an immediate heated argument between them.

The verbal confrontation then turned physical.

Other officers at the station were forced to intervene in order to stop the fight, and also to hold the other detainees at bay.

- H.B.

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