Men accused of plotting murder freed

June 18, 2019

Two Trelawny men, who allegedly conspired with another man to kill a female relative of theirs in 2014, were freed when they appeared in the Trelawny Circuit Court last Wednesday.

Seymour Clarke and Davesco Jarrett, both of Duncans in the parish, pleaded not guilty to the charge of conspiracy to commit murder when they appeared before Presiding High Court Justice Lorna-Shelly Williams.

It is alleged that on January 29, 2014, the complainant received information that Clarke and Jarrett were plotting with another unidentified individual to kill her. She reported the matter to the police, and Clarke and Jarrett were subsequently arrested.

During last Wednesday's proceedings, the prosecution told Justice Williams that the complainant had expressed an unwillingness to continue the case against the men as they were her relatives and she wished to live in peace with them.

The court was also told that the complainant was the only witness for the prosecution's case, and without her participation, they would not be able to proceed against the defendants. On the strength of that declaration, Williams ordered that the case against Clarke and Jarrett be dismissed.

"Gentlemen, a formal verdict of not guilty has been entered for you, so you are dismissed," Williams told the men before permitting them to leave the courtroom.

- C .T.

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