Kedley Morrison serves up dancehall-inspired pan chicken

June 19, 2019
Pan chicken vendor Kedley Morrison.
Pan chicken vendor Kedley Morrison.

Pulsating music, rotating hips and urban street fashion are elements that make up the captivating culture of dancehall. For these reasons, the genre attracts a wide spectrum of people and supports a cross section of industries.

One major element of the Jamaican dancehall experience is the looking forward to sinking your teeth into some mouth-watering pan chicken prepared by local experts, ready to satisfy your post-raving cravings. This subculture has transformed into an avenue which allows the men and women who sell pan chicken to earn an income.

Kedley Morrison, a 30-year-old Spanish Town native and father of two, knows all too well that for decades, partygoers within the dancehall space are big business for pan chicken vendors. The pan chicken specialist endeavours to give his customers a mix of savoury aromas and zesty seasonings with every bite of his smoked meats.

"I have been doing pan chicken for about 15 years and it's something that brings me joy, especially when I think of new ways to make the chicken," said Morrison.

Being an avid fan of clash culture, Morrison decided to couple his source of income with one of his favourite pastimes and so for the past two years, he has been supplying patrons at Guinness Sounds of Greatness (GSOG) with his tantalizing chicken.


"I enjoy working events like Sounds of Greatness, I get to enjoy the culture and at the same time earn some money. I mainly attend dancehall events because those events pull a larger crowd. A larger crowd means more customers buying my chicken," he said.

Morrison, who learned his craft from his former mentor, 'Pantoki', takes pride in his culinary skills. He exemplifies the notion that passion makes the impossible, possible. His culinary journey has even taken him down the path of training young men and women around him and introducing them to the pan chicken vending life. In his community, he stands as a role model to many and even gives away pounds of his well seasoned and prepared jerk offerings to the children in his community.

"Having the opportunity to give back to those around me makes my heart full. I've been blessed with the ability to mix various ingredients and bring them together in a different way and being able to bring satisfaction to others through food gives me a feeling unlike anything else," he said.

Kedley's future dream is to one day have his own jerk centre and to publish a book of his recipes. He has also expressed a desire to establish a more focused training programme for young men and women who want to succeed in pan chicken vending. Following in the footsteps of his mentor, the future is indeed bright for Morrison, who continues to work hard on his dreams.

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