Rocky Point seeing better days

June 19, 2019
Fishing boats along the beach at Rocky Point Fishing Village.
Fishing boats along the beach at Rocky Point Fishing Village.

With all the turmoil that Clarendon has been experiencing, with the many stakeholders calling for the implementation of special security measures, the situation in Rocky Point is looking up.

Rocky Point, located on the southern coast of Clarendon, has had more than its fair share of upheavals.

While things are not where he wants it to be, Arthur Coleman, president of the Lionel Town District Area Committee, which incorporates Rocky Point, Hayes and Lionel Town, said residents can now breathe a little easier.

Rocky Point has been fingered in the drugs-for-guns and meat-for-guns trades.

Coleman admits that the coastline from the Jackson Bay area to Carlisle used to have such incidents, but says the "police are on top of it now".

"We are not hearing anything of that nature again. And the violence is not like first time, as the police are conducting regular patrols," he told CENTRAL STAR, noting that the police have made a few arrests.

Still, he admits that progress could have been faster, but there is no getting past the fear factor in the community.

"Eyewitnesses are afraid; they are fearful for their lives that other criminal cronies will come and try to eliminate them," he said, adding that some have even expressed that they are afraid of the police.

When quizzed on the many options available to give information, Coleman said many are still ignorant to them.

"They don't know of the other avenues. They have to be educated that there are other avenues; these people are used to just going to the police station, see the police while on patrol, and calling 119."

Coleman said Rocky Point is now experiencing a lull in the criminal activity that usually rocks the community.

He credits that to the mitigating factors that have been put in place such as the corner league football tournament, which is bridging the gap between sections of the community through sports.

"Everything is not as it should be right now, but we are getting there," he said.

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