BIG BELLY MEN IN DEMAND - But some J’cans reject study suggesting that women prefer ‘dad bods’

June 20, 2019

Having a ‘big belly’ is something that is often associated with rich men, and according to a study commissioned by Planet Fitness study recently, there has been greater acceptance for ‘dad bods’ in recent years.

The study also said that 61 per cent of women in America find the less toned male physique a lot “sexier”.

“Nearly four in five among both women and men (78 per cent) believe a ‘dad bod’ is a sign of a man who is confident in his own skin,” the study also said.

However, this was not the view among some people in downtown Kingston.

“My belly big, enuh, so me wouldn’t tek a man wid a big belly. Mi rather the man dem wid a six pack, the sexy six pack. Mi nah seh the big belly man dem nuh sexy, but true my belly high, mi wouldn’t want a big belly man pon top a me. So mi will work wid the man dem wid the sexy sick pack,” Tishy told THE STAR.

Keith, who is also known as Fowl Tripe, claims that some women are likely to shun men with bigger bellies because it is often said that their manhood is smaller. Slimmer men, he claims, have better luck with females.


“The man dem weh in-between like miself and the mawga man them have a bigger thing weh the girl dem like and comfortable with. All when him go a road, she vex and gwaan. But she memba the thing, so she whip it back pon him,” he said.

Leaping at the opportunity to defend the ‘dad bod’, Shelly said that she loves men with big bellies although people often ridicule them.

“Mi love my big belly. Love, love, love the big belly cause the big belly man know how to do him thing. Remember dem seh big belly man nuh know how to do nothing, enuh, but my big belly bwoy know how fi do him thing. Some a dem have the flat belly and nuh know how fi do nothing. Mi very comfortable wid my big belly man,” she said.

While some persons have negative things to say about men with ‘dad bods’, media personality and relationship expert, Shelly-Ann Weeks, said that women have different preferences when it comes to men.

“There are a lot of studies. People study anything they want to study and prove what they want to prove. As it relates to how women feel about big belly men, if we use Jamaica as an example, I don’t see big belly men in Jamaica having any problem getting women, so I suppose some women out there love them. I don’t know about how women generally prefer men because everybody has their type. Different women like different things,” she said.


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