Former ‘bunnaman’ ruined my life

June 21, 2019

So STAR, I used to cheat on my husband with this guy, but he became so obsessive that I had to leave him.

He didn't take the break-up well, and he began to stalk me. My husband and I would be having sex, and I could hear his footsteps on my roof. I knew it was him because he would text my phone the next day. He even began to be friend my husband, and would even offer to wash his car for him.

Anyway, after much stalking, he finally met a girl, and I was overjoyed. But STAR, she turned around and began to stalk me. He spoke about me so much that she decided to look me up on social media. Soon after, she began to tell me how attracted she was to me. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am bisexual.

She never stopped trying until she convinced me to hook up with her. She told me that her man didn't know, and I believed her. But I was in for an awful surprise. My former 'bunnaman' used her to get back to me, and arranged that she reached out to me on social media.

She had filmed our entire sex scene, and he took it and sent it to my husband's inbox on Facebook.

My husband had no idea that I liked girls, so now we are separated and looking towards getting a divorce. My ex-bunnaman is living happily with his girlfriend, while my marriage has ended.

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