The pain still lingers in Kilancholly - Gloom still hangs over St Mary community 14 years later

June 24, 2019

The graves of the three children who were murdered in Killankoly, St Mary.
The graves of the three children who were murdered in Killankoly, St Mary.

On the night of January 28, 2005, the quiet community of Kilancholly in St Mary was awakened by the blood-curdling scream from one of their own. What they saw next would not only leave their normally peaceful district in shock and disbelief, but rocked the entire Jamaica.

The blood-soaked bodies of four-year-old Shadice Williams; Dwayne Davidson, 15; and 13-year-old Suann Gordon were seen in their dwelling. Their killer, Jeffery Perry, is currently serving a 45-year sentence behind the bars after pleading guilty to the butchering of his little cousins.

The children's aunt, Sylvia Bailey, said although it has been 14 years since the incident, the pain does not get any easier, especially since the three graves of the little ones are located in her backyard.

Too painful are the memories of that night that Bailey said the children's mother moved from the district but Bailey has chosen to remain.

"I feel close to them with them being buried in my backyard. Sometimes I go around there and talk to them and I always ensure that their graves are kept clean and so on. I don't want to leave the community because I don't want them to think that I abandon them," she said.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Bailey stated that she is extremely dissatisfied with the 45-year-sentence and would rather that he was given the death penalty that was first handed down.

Death sentence

"I have never visited or will ever visit him behind bars. I have a relationship with his little son because the child is innocent of what his father did. He should have gotten the death sentence, he killed those innocent little souls for nothing. They were very good, well-behaved children. That man is a monster," she said.

Bailey's eyes welled up with tears as she jogs her memory to that fateful night. She stated that the children would normally go to church services with their mother but on that particular night, they had stayed at home.

"Rain was falling that night and the mother was coming from church. I was inside my house and I heard her screaming, but I thought someone was trying to attack her, so I run out. When we get to the gate, we realise that something was blocking the gate from pulling and when we realise it was her big daughter's body was behind it. It seem she was trying to run for her life but he caught up with her," she said.

"We went inside and saw the baby crying over the next little girl. The baby was the only one that survived, I guess he didn't kill him because he couldn't talk. The four-year-old wasn't dead when we got there but she died on the way there. We were just in disbelief," she added.

She stated that as the community mourned the night, Perry went to the death house and wept bitterly over the deaths of his cousins before he confessed that he was responsible for their demise.

"He was bawling his eyes out and was asking how someone could kill his cousins like this. He pretended so well and even at candle light vigil he was crying so hard. If that man never confess, I don't think they would have suspected him at all. Mi feel like him probably catch him fraid because persons in the community were saying that once they find out is who, they were going to take the law into their own hands," she said.

During the murder trail, Perry reportedly stated that the voices inside his head told him to murder the children, but, according to Bailey, he was no 'madman' describing him as being extremely intelligent and one who was merely putting on a show.

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