Chinese businessman robbed of millions

July 10, 2019

Two men armed with knives and travelling on a motorcycle pulled off a daring daylight robbery in Lucea, Hanover, yesterday, and made off with cash allegedly amounting to more than $5 million, which they took from a Chinese business operator.

Reports are that shortly after 10:30 a.m, the Chinese national, one of the proprietors of Cherry Supermarket, was walking towards the National Commercial Bank to make a lodgement when the incident occurred.

The business operator was walking along main street in Lucea, when the men attacked him, cutting the strap of a bag he was carrying. They then jumped on a motorcycle and made off with the cash.

"Mi boss, dem man yah too bareface. Mi caa believe seh the two boy dem just come rob the man inna broad daylight, and run gone wid the money suh easy," one taxi driver told THE STAR. "Mi run taxi go a Jericho, and it happen just when mi a pass. Mi si wen one a the boy kinda a struggle wid the chiney man, and mi si wen one a dem slap offa him, and den mi si wen dem cut the bag strap, and run wid the bag a money, and jump pon a bike an ride weh gone up the road," the driver said.

Not taken heed

He said that everyone merely stood watching.

"Is like the man deh pon him own. A long after wi si one an two police a come pon the scene. That time the boy dem gwan long time," he said.

One senior officer at the Lucea Police Station told THE STAR that a report was made and an investigation is under way.

"These Chinese business operators need to refrain from transporting large sums of monies on their own," the senior cop said. "In the past, we have had several meetings with these business operators, and informed them of the danger it poses when they attempt to transport large sums of cash to the bank on their own. But they have not taken heed."

The officer stated that these motorcycle robbers are becoming quite a pestilence in the region, and the police will now have to tackle them with a no-nonsense approach.

The officer could not confirm the amount of money stolen.

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