Man held with illegal gun at SOE checkpoint

July 12, 2019
Security forces man a checkpoint in western Jamaica.
Security forces man a checkpoint in western Jamaica.

A man who attempted to pass through a state of public emergency (SOE) border checkpoint in Montpelier, St James, with a gun in his knapsack, was taken into custody on Wednesday night.

The man, Lloyd Parkins, 46, of Bethel Town, Westmoreland, was later charged.

Reports are that about 9:30 p.m., passengers travelling on a bus from Montego Bay to Bethel Town in Westmoreland, were stopped at the checkpoint.

During a search of the bus and the passengers, the accused was found to be carrying the illegal weapon, which was concealed in his knapsack.

Six Live Rounds

He was immediately taken into custody, and the weapon, a .38 revolver, loaded with six live rounds, was seized.

One female who allegedly witnessed the incident, told THE WEEKEND STAR: "Yuh don't need no glasses fi si seh the boy nuh straight. From the soldier dem start search him, wi si seh him guilty. Imagine the whole a wi siddung inna the bus wid the boy, and don't even know seh him have gun inna him bag; a same him could a kill off all a wi een yah."

One police officer said that since the start of the SOE, the security forces had made several arrests at that particular border checkpoint.

"This checkpoint is a filter point leading to the parishes of Hanover, Westmoreland and St Elizabeth, and most criminals use this route as a passage to traffic ganja. We have made several ganja seizures at this particular checkpoint, since the SOE has been declared," the officer said.

He said that he is unable to give a fixed number as to the amount of illegal firearms, or the overall quantity of ganja seized at the location so far in 2019.

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