Seaga condolence book missing from Portmore Municipal Corporation

July 12, 2019
Edward Seaga
Edward Seaga

Two days before former Prime Minister Edward Seaga was laid to rest last month, a condolence book, which was located at the Portmore Municipal Council (PMC) in St Catherine, went missing.

Councillor for the Gregory Park division, Joy Brown, told THE WEEKEND STAR that on June 21, the day of its disappearance, she went to the office around 10 a.m. and was in the process of rounding up persons to sign the book.

"I can't forget the day because it was the last day of the signing before his funeral, the Sunday (June 23). It seemed no one knew that the book was there so we went there and a promote the book and everybody start come in and a sign," she said.

Later that day, after the office was closed, Brown said that she was sitting in the room where the book was, talking to some persons.

Sometime after 5 p.m., she said she left the office to get some food at a nearby fast-food restaurant.

"Mi go downstairs go Island Grill fi get something to eat and then mi a seh 'No man, mi tek everybody else picture a sign the book, mek mi go back and tek one a myself'. And when I went there, the book was gone. That was about a half an hour span," she said.

She said that she is at a loss for words and is unaware as to why someone would want to take a condolence book, which was at the PMC for three weeks prior to its disappearance.

Mayor of Portmore, Leon Thomas, said that he does not have much information on the matter but knows that an investigation is ongoing.

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