Gospel singer bounces back from disappointment

July 17, 2019
Evon Wynter
Evon Wynter

Evon Wynter, one of the finalists in the 2019 Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's (JCDC) Gospel Song Competition, is preaching "Failure today has nothing to do with tomorrow."

"Don't allow a mistake, a bad moment, a wrong move to determine the rest of your life," said Wynter, who is representing Kingston and St Andrew in the national final.

Wynter, 29, dropped out of the competition during the audition round in 2018.

"If I had allowed last year's disappointment to be the end of me, then I would not have been in the finals this year," he said.

The final, which is set for August 4 at the National Arena, will have 10 singers.

Wynter, who has been singing since he was five years old, hails from St Elizabeth.

Now that he is back in the competition this year, he has made some changes. This year, "the changes I made to the song was mostly delivery, the content is still the same."

He continued: "A big lesson I took from last year was to prepare yourself for the opportunity, and when you get the opportunity, there is no excuse."

Felt demotivated

Wynter, who is enrolled at the University of the West Indies where he is doing a marketing degree, said that he felt demotivated when he dropped out in 2018 at the audition round. Singers were asked to impress the judges in 90 seconds, which he failed to do for a place in the semi-final round.

However, according to the singer and songwriter: "It allows you to question yourself and re-evaluate the whole music gift that you were given."

Now, Wynter believes he has an equal chance with his song, Praising Mood.

"The overhanging message is creating an atmosphere of praise," said Wynter, who is serving his church organisation as a youth counsellor, PRO, and assistant social media associate.

Wynter is no stranger to the JCDC competitions. He won several awards with the school choir and his original dub poems while attending Maggotty High School, and later, Black River High School.

Wynter said that he is even more motivated because of the love and support he is getting from his home town of Siloah in St Elizabeth.

"Persons in Siloah are saying they are proud to see someone that they would have known from baby stage representing on a national level," he said.

Wynter is reminding persons, especially the youths, to "know your purpose, and even with every obstacle, keep pressing towards that purpose."

"God is the given of purpose, so I would want for every young person or everyone in my community of Siloah to know God for themselves," he added.

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