Monkey on the loose - Disappearance of animal leaves St Elizabeth community disappointed

July 19, 2019

Residents of Potsdam district were excited to see a monkey in their area recently. A stray monkey spent about a week in Potsdam, located in the cool hills of St Elizabeth near Malvern. Potsdam district is also locally referred to as Munro.

Seaton Barton, who first spoke to our news team, said the monkey spent at least one night in his backyard.

However, since then, according to Barton, "the monkey is now mostly at Mr McIntosh's yard because he has a banana farm".

Roland McIntosh, who was glad to speak about his experience, told THE WEEKEND STAR that the monkey disappeared about two weeks ago.

Asked about the damage to his banana farm, McIntosh laughed before explaining: "It's only a small little bunch of banana. it ripe, and I never notice it, so it helped itself to it."

The elderly man added: "It ate the apple from the tree, but I can't say how many apples,".

Asked if he was interested in catching the monkey, McIntosh laughed before saying, " no, no, I am not a monkey man."

"If it was up to me, he could stay there, traverse the entire place, no problem to me. as a matter of fact, I take it as a joke."

He said that other residents of the area were also interested in seeing the monkey.

Moya Bromfield, who wasn't in the area when the monkey was there, said her first reaction was, " what, a monkey is in my area? it was kinda mind-blowing. I never heard of a monkey anywhere other than a zoo."

She, too, admitted that she wanted to see the monkey.

Rasardie Powell, a young man who also spoke to THE WEEKEND STAR, said that he, along with many others, went to view the animal.

"Mi never see a monkey yet because mi no go zoo, so I wanted to get the experience of how they look and act," Powell said.

"People came from all bout to see the monkey," he added.

Word going around the community is that a reward of $120,000 is on offer for anyone who catches the monkey.

Kenique Lormond said that, " many people want to catch it to collect the reward."

Barton, who admitted the reward is enticing, said "the monkey is not friendly because once you get close, he moves away."

There is also talk about the community that the alleged owner of the monkey has disowned it.

"People called the man when they heard he was the owner, but he disowned it," one resident said.

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