Multimillion dollar car-stealing ring busted in Anchovy

July 19, 2019

Four men were taken into custody by the St James police yesterday morning after the lawmen swooped down on a massive multimillion-dollar car-stealing ring that has been operating out of Wilshire district in Anchovy, St James.

Investigators say two of the accused are from the Wilshire community, while the other two males are from Lucea in Hanover. However, their identities are being withheld pending further investigation.

When THE WEEKEND STAR visited the community yesterday, scores of residents were seen staring in disbelief after finding out about the illegal operation.

"Jah know star, mi caah believe seh dah ting yah a gwaan inna wi community," said a resident, who gave his name as 'Tall Man'.

"Mi born and grow a Wilshire, and all dem time yah wi see the boy dem a go inna the lane and neva know seh a people car the criminal dem a teef. A nuff time wi see dem inna criss car and neva know seh a teef dem a teef dem."


The police reported that on Wednesday a Toyota Axis motor car was stolen from an address in Kingston and tracked to St James.

Intelligence were gathered and a joint operation was carried out at the premises in Wilshire district.

During the operation, a large quantity of stolen motor vehicle engine parts and car body parts were seized.

The lawmen say they also recovered a motor car which was reported stolen in Kingston the day before.

"This is a major success for the Area One police," one senior officer said. "These men are part of a massive motor vehicle stealing ring, which has been operating out of the parish for some time, and already we have identified some of the stolen vehicle parts."

The cop further stated that it appears as if the vehicles are stolen in other areas and from other parishes and then taken to the location in Wilshire, where they are scrapped.

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