US attorney seeks deceased woman’s relatives

August 22, 2019

Attorney Cohen Scott of Scott R Cohen Esq in Long Beach, New York, is asking family members of late Sybil Hamilton, who died on January 24 last year to contact him.

Scott told THE STAR that Hamilton, who was born in Jamaica, on March 20, 1929, died at the Jamaica Hospital in Queens, New York.

She lived in Richmond Hill, New York. Her mother Celeste Francis is also deceased.

He said they are searching for anyone related to her in an attempt to probate her will.

"We are looking for the gentleman who may have fathered Sybil Hamilton. In order for me to probate her estate in New York, I need to show that I tried to find relatives of her father," he said.

He said based on the files that he has in his position, she does not have any children.

He said that he is not sure when she came to the US, but he is appealing to anyone who is related to her to call his office at 516-889-0099 or email him at

Scott said he ufortunately did not have a photo of Hamilton but is asking anyone with information to reach out to him.

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