NWC makes plans for St Mary communities

September 05, 2019
Charles Buchanan
Charles Buchanan
National Water Commission complex on Marescaux Road, Kingston.
National Water Commission complex on Marescaux Road, Kingston.

For four weeks, the National Water Commission (NWC) will be transporting water by truck to 13 schools in St Mary.

The schools include Carron Hill Primary, Jacks River Primary, Richmond Prison, and Ramble Primary. Over the four-week period, the 13 schools will be supplied with water from trucks every Monday.

Richard Williams, regional manager of the NWC's North East region, says it is necessary that these schools be given water as it is a new school year. Without water, the schools would have to be closed.

Strategies have also been put in place for communities that are without water. Communities served by the Nutsfield and Highgate pumping stations will be supplied with water on a regulated schedule until Saturday, September 7.

Charles Buchanan, NWC corporate public relations manager, told THE STAR that this regulation is due to mechanical challenges affecting the facilities.

Buchanan says that communities such as Highgate, Richmond, Esher, Lewis Store, Albany, and Zion Hill will continue to get water from the Highgate pumping station until Friday.

He stated that this temporary water supply started yesterday.

"The Nutsfield pumping station will supply communities such as Heywood Hall, Pinacle, Lebanon Housing Scheme, Lindon Housing Scheme, and Robins Bay," he said. "And this will be for Friday and Saturday this week."

Buchanan gave the assurance that this temporary water supply would not be on and off. He said people living in those communities could expect water throughout the scheduled days.

"Depending on their location, the water pressure may be low, so we urge the residents to store water," he said.

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