Physically and emotionally wounded - Teen on long road to recovery after being stabbed in face at school

September 16, 2019
Nicole Stewart’s son after he was cut in the face, allegedly by another student, last October.

Readers may recall a story published in this newspaper last October about a 14-year-old boy who was cut in the face by another student, allegedly over $50.

Well, it is nearly a year, and the young boy is yet to recover from the life-altering event that took place on the grounds of a school in the Corporate Area. The boy’s mother, Nicole Stewart, says the incident has left her son’s face severely disfigured. He has had three surgeries on his face, and has been in an out of the hospital due to the area getting infected.

And if that is not enough, the boy is showing worrying signs of depression.

“He wasn’t a child who did talk much; he would lock himself in his room, playing games and such. Now it is even worse. He hasn’t spoken to anyone at all. He would go outside at the corner at the back of the house and be using a stick to dig the ground. If he is in his room, you see him find a piece of clothes or paper and a tear it up. Sometimes you see him and him just crying,” she said.

Nicole says her son has been referred to a therapist, but even then he refuses to speak.

“When he got cut in the face, the nurse said that the blood vessel and nerve cell drop down. When the doctors did the first surgery, they did not put it back because they did not see it. When they realised, they had to do a second surgery to correct it. After that, they cut him back because they were saying they needed to replace the blood vessel and nerve cell that was exposed for too long. After that surgery, his lips started to twist and his eyes started to draw up. Now they are saying they need to do another surgery to correct that,” she told THE STAR.

Nicole says she worries as her son no longer wants to go out, has developed hearing difficulties, and shies away from taking photographs. He has not been to school since the incident and Nicole says the incident has left her family with a massive financial burden.

Medical bills

“It is really stressing because I would have other business to take care of, and I have to hold off on that business because the money that I have is for his medical bills,” she said.

“He is constantly having a headache. I tried to get him back in school, but as soon as him hear noise, he develops a terrible headache. Plus, he has a plastic surgery to do, which they said cost $2 million,” she continued.

With more surgeries and consultations looming, Stewart is appealing for help to offset the cost of surgery.

Police have laid charges against Nicole’s son and his alleged attacker who was injured during the incident. That matter is currently before the court.


Anyone who is willing to help Nicole Stewart may call her at 876-565-0847.

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