Male sex robots hit market - Some J’can women not turned on by them

September 25, 2019

F orget about vibrators as a new male robot with a 'bionic penis' is about to take their place.

This is according to Realrobotix, the company that also created the female version of the doll that comes with a self- lubricating vagina.

In an interview with the Daily Star Online, the company's CEO Matt McMullen said there are no set sizes for the robot's manhood either, so customers will be able choose from a wide variety robotic penises.

Its human-like features leave one to wonder if men will be replaced by these programmable dolls. But according to sex educator Shelly-Ann Weeks, this is quite unlikely.

Weeks emphasised that while Jamaicans are very adventurous beings, the male sex robots are not anywhere near to replacing men in the bedroom.

"There are things that human interactions give you that a robot will never be able to. Sex toys are fun and persons will always use them but it will never replace a male or female no matter how creative they are. Anyone who will use it to replace a human in his/her bedroom was never too fond of having sex with humans in the first place," she said.

Uses electricity

Dancehall artiste Ce'Cile also stated through an Instagram post that she was not in favour of the metallic male counterparts.

"Impossible! Me love the live, lying, dirty, whoring Jamaican man dem too much," a part of her post read.

During the interview, McMullen stated that one of the features of the sex robot is that it is always ready to perform.

That is, the doll will never quit unless its 'lover' wants it to. The doll uses electricity instead of batteries.

He said that the goal is to create an idealised version of what women want that is so lifelike, the consumer eventually forgets they're interacting with a machine.

However, even with all that 'attractive' package, entertainer Macka Diamond stated that a doll would never replace a real penis in her bedroom.

"No doll or robot can replace a man for me. It doesn't matter if it looks, speaks or smell good ... it is always gonna be different. Since it works with electricity, suppose water catch it before it is being used? What is going to happen?" she laughed.

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