Accused in assault case to get November trial

October 08, 2019

Adrian Watson, the man who is charged with resisting arrest, assault occasioning bodily harm, destruction of property among other charges, will face trial on November 28.

Information given to the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court is that Watson held a knife at the complainant's neck as she was about to enter her house.

He was accosted by the police when the woman started to scream and he fought the lawmen.

The prosecutor told the court that a piece of steel was used to cause harm to the policemen.

However Watson's lawyer challenged the evidence provided by the prosecutor.

"He attacked her with a knife and told her to open house with her key. A friend saw what was happening and jumped the wall and the defendant ran off. The next day, the complainant went to the police station and made a report and brought them to his house that was when the fight ensued," the lawyer said, indicating that was the information he got from the statement made by the complainant.

He added that if the events happened in that manner, the complainant would not able to see what was happening in Watson's home because his house is surrounded by zinc.

However the prosecutor said the complainant could still hear what was happening.

The court was told that the steel that was allegedly used in the assault is not available for the trial, however pictures were taken.

Watson's lawyer said that he would like to see the pictures of the steel because he is confident that is client did not use any steel to attack anyone, including the police.

"We need pictures of the steel because it will be very helpful," both parties told the court. Watson's bail was extended.

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