Bar fight lands man in court

October 08, 2019

Lushane Brown has been in jail for three weeks as he was arrested and charged with assault and occasioning bodily harm. Brown who says his correct name is Rolando Williams is accused of using a bottle to hit a man also biting him.

The court heard that Williams was at a bar in Temple Hall when the complainant, with whom he has history, entered the establishment. An argument started between the two.

He allegedly hit the man with the bottle and bit him.

In a bail application, Williams' lawyer Nicholas Kellyman told the court that the story told by the prosecution is far from the truth.

He said that his client was simply defending himself against someone who attacked him.

"The complainant had to glass bottles and he attacked him but he disarmed the complainant and that was when he got his injures. He was acting in self defence. He has suffered enough, he has been in custody for three weeks," he said.

During the bail application, Kellyman told the court that his client acknowledges his responsibilities to the court and therefore he is not at flight risk.

As it relates to his numerous names, Williams told the court that the arresting officer knows him by his alias Lushane Brown, which is why he was charged under that name.

He also asserted that people in his community also call him by that name.

Judge Vaughn Smith set October 17 for another mention date, pending verification of Williams' address.

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