Man stabbed in nose with pen

October 08, 2019

A man was charged with unlawful wounding after he was accused of stabbing another man in the nose at a horse race event when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday.

The accused, Carol Campbell, pleaded self-defence. He told the court that on the day of the stabbing, the complainant was abusing him verbally before the incident occurred.

Judge Vaughn Smith asked Campbell if he injured the complainant.

He attacked me

"Yes, but it was a total accident. I was at the event watching the race and taking notes by pen. He came and was asking me about gambling because me start complain seh what they are showing on the screen is incorrect. We got in an argument and he attacked me and spin me round and I lost my balance. In an attempt to catch my balance, I fell and the pen catch him in the nose," Campbell said.

However, the prosecution told Smith that at the time of Campbell's arrest, he said to the police "A long time him trouble me, enuh."

Reading from the statement collected, he told the court that Campbell and the complainant were in an argument, where he left the premises and came back and said: "Hey bwoi, hey bwoi," and he stabbed him in the nose.

The matter is set for mention on November 17 because documents are outstanding and the complainant was not at court.

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