Enid Bennett High gets rainwater harvesting system

October 10, 2019

The St Catherine-based Enid Bennett High School is expecting savings of up to 50 per cent on its annual water bill following the establishment of a rainwater-harvesting system.

The system, which costs $7 million, comprises four 1,000-gallon black tanks, a 20,000-gallon block-and-steel tank, a solar-powered pump, and other features to harvest and store water.

Senator Pearnel Charles Jr, the de factor water minister, said that the harvesting facility "will go a long way in making the school water-secure". He said that the bathrooms and kitchen will be retrofitted with water-saving fixtures in order to conserve on the use of the commodity.

The minister said that while the provision of infrastructure is critical,"the change of attitude towards the use of water is very important as the commodity must be preserved".

"There needs to be a complete turnaround in how we use the resource if the structures that we put in are to be maximised," he added.

Patrick Phillips, principal, said, " it is good that we now have a water-harvesting project where we will not be short of water."

He said that the system will provide water for the school's farm and playing field.

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