Fake cops murder man in St James

November 08, 2019

A group of men impersonating police officers killed one man, and allegedly shot at another in Paisley, Adelphi, St James, yesterday.

The victim has been identified as 26-year-old Jommoy Pinnock, a farmer in the district.

Reports by the Adelphi police are that about 4:30 a.m. on Thursday, Pinnock and his common-law wife were asleep in their home, when they were awoken by knocking. The voices on the outside identified themselves as police officers.

Before Pinnock and his common-law wife could react, men wearing masks and armed with high-powered weapons, kicked open the door and held them at gunpoint.

The woman was ordered to lie face down on the floor, while the gunmen sprayed Pinnock with bullets, killing him on the spot.

The men then robbed the woman of cellphones and other items, before fleeing the scene.

Later that morning, a 35-year-old maintenance worker was driving along the Paisley main road when he was fired upon by a group of armed men, believed to be the same group of police impersonators.

Senseless killing

The victim managed to drive to the Falmouth Hospital, where he was treated and admitted in serious but stable condition.

“Wi never know seh dem something yah would a reach wi little community. Odane have him two pickney dem a live fah, a him a the breadwinner fi him family, and him neva deserve fi dead like this,” one of Pinnock’s family members told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The sobbing woman inquired about the usefulness of the state of emergency, since the bloodletting has not eased up.

“A weh the police and soldier dem deh wen wi need dem? Especially when dem sey wi under state a emergency? Dem heap a senseless killing yah haffi stop yah now,” she cried.

This latest murder has increased the number of persons murdered in St James to 129 since the start of the year.



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