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November 19, 2019
The main bridge that connects Bowden Hill and the Airy Castle communities in St Andrew has been damaged since February. Work started in June to replace the bridge, but residents have complained about the slow pace at which it was progressing.

G2K elects new president

Ryan Strachan has been elected president of the Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

Strachan, a stockbroker, has previously served the organization in the roles of policy committee chairman and vice president. He replaces Stephen Edwards who did not seek reelection after serving for three years.

“The tremendous work and sacrifice that all alumni of G2K have given, has paved the way for me to serve. I am, therefore, fully cognisant of the enormous responsibility that I am now assuming and look forward to the working with everyone in building the new Jamaica,” said Strachan during his acceptance address.


Babsy sends greetings on International Men' Day

“Today, I send you warm greetings on International Men’s Day. This is a great opportunity to recognise the outstanding value that you bring to our lives.

Everyday men across Jamaica make tremendous sacrifices for their families, our communities and our nation. Today, we acknowledge all that you do for us and express our gratitude.

But we know that in your quest to ensure that the rest of us are okay, you oftentimes don’t pay enough attention to your own wellbeing; and that is why for this year’s celebration we focus on Building Strong Men through Health and Wellness to Balance di Ting.

We demonstrate real strength when we balance every area of our lives, but getting the balance right is a sensitive matter that sometimes requires some assistance.

Today, we will be launching targeted interventions to address some of the Health and Wellness issues that, as men, you face everyday.

Additionally, I am pleased to announce the start of two new initiatives: the Mentor Me 2020 which will see outstanding men helping high school boys to become outstanding and balanced men of the future; and the Young Fathers Jamaica Initiative which will assist adolescent fathers to become outstanding dads.

I know that sometimes men’s issues do not get the requisite focus, but our celebration of International Men’s Day gives us an opportunity to change that.

Today, we celebrate men from every walk of life and I ask that you wish each man in your life a Happy International Men’s Day.”


Andrew Holness chides PNP

Prime Minister Andrew Holness last night lashed the opposition People’s National Party while strongly defending his Administration’s national security and intelligence strategy that has come in for heavy criticism.

Holness was speaking in Tivoli Gardens, Kingston Western at the party’s final constituency conference before the Labourites’ annual conference next Sunday.

He told the supporters that the Opposition was being an obstacle to his administration’s efforts to fight crime.

The government has been criticised for overusing the state of public emergency (SOE) now covering five parishes and a police division in a sixth parish.

But Holness said, record levels of criminal cases are now being brought before the courts while the police are pursuing ruthless gangs.

“When the crime situation exploded and we proposed the state of public emergency, the Opposition criticised us,” said Holness, adding that the Opposition claimed that the police were not doing adequate investigation.

But according to Holness, 13 gangs have been investigated, indicted and brought before the courts.

“How yuh think wi do that? In parallel with the strategy of the SOE, the plan was to intensify the capacity and work of the police force and we are seeing the result of it,” Holness said, as he maintained that communities in which the SOEs have been declared are seeing dramatic decreases in murder.



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