Essex Hall and the Lawrence Tavern primary get rainwater harvesting systems

November 22, 2019
Pearnel Charles Jr.
Pearnel Charles Jr.

The community of Golden Hill and two primary schools in West Rural St Andrew are the latest to benefit from the installation of water systems by Rural Water Supply Limited to increase storage capacity in communities and schools across the island.

The schools, Essex Hall and Lawrence Tavern primary, had their newly installed rainwater-harvesting systems commissioned by Senator Pearnel Charles Jr, minister without portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation with responsibility for water, housing and infrastructure, on Wednesday.

The rainwater-harvesting systems were installed to the tune of approximately $5.2 million. The Golden Hill Water Supply System was installed at a cost of over $13 million, where a 60,000-gallon water-storage tank was mounted to supply residents of that community, as well as Pinto Lane, Fraser Lane, and surrounding communities, with potable water.

"This Government is fixated on putting in place systems, particularly in institutions like our schools, where we can reassure the schools and community members that there are ways for us to prepare for the drought, ways for us to prepare for what is going to come, and to make sure that we alleviate the stress and frustration of not having water and improved efficiency of water delivery," Charles said.

The minister further said that although the rainwater-harvesting system had been installed at the Lawrence Tavern Primary School, Rural Water Supply Ltd would be retrofitting the entire school with water-saving toilets and taps, to ensure that the school uses water efficiently.

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