Vox Pop: Are you feeling the Christmas spirit?

November 29, 2019

With Christmas day less than a month away, and the start of December fast approaching, THE WEEKEND STAR went into the streets of downtown Kingston to find out if Jamaicans are currently feeling the Christmas spirit.

"Mi nuh feel nuh Christmas spirit enuh, for nuh money nah mek enuh. People dem a feel the cost of living. The likkle weh we get, the money weak, the money nah nuh value. The spending power weak right now." (Man in white Nike Cap)

"Not really. Growing up, Christmas was different for me. It was more festive. At the beginning of October, you could feel the Christmas spirit. But right now, it has been diluted, watered down to more of like a business; it's not really about Christmas. Christmas used to be about family and friends getting together, but now it's just like a business, like a corporation. So the Christmas spirit isn't really here, and now it's entering December and still you don't feel the festivities." (Lady in purple visor)

"Christmas is an annual thing, so everything all right fi the Christmas still. We just gwaan live and feel the atmosphere. Nuh have nutten fi complain bout or nutten fi worry bout. Mi affi just live. From you have life, nutten cyaa beat that." (Man in the City yellow jersey.)

"Big man thing, me nah feel the Christmas spirit, because guess whappen? No money nah run. And even if it a run, me have whole heap a things fi deal wid. It nah guh accordingly as how me woulda want it fi guh. Mi just affi give thanks still, because mi have life and life a the greatest. " (Woman in Argentina Jersey)

"No sah, me nuh know enuh. A just bare seller me see enuh, and nuh buyer, and whole heap a load." (Woman in red blouse)

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