Five ideal gift ideas for any man this Christmas

December 04, 2019

Simone Clarke Cooper knows all men are not alike, and the key to getting the right gift is to know and understand fully the person for whom the gift is intended.

What does he like? What does he not like? Is he even interested in a tangible gift? Or would he prefer something more symbolic? Once you can answer those questions, you're good to go.

Here is her list of five ideal gift ideas for any man this Christmas.

1. A phone: Simone knows men are generally appreciative of gadgets, and these days, with all they offer, phones have become among a list of must-haves for many men. Chances are, he already has one. Maybe you can gift him an upgrade? Be sure to consider the budget, because while they are nice gifts, they can be extremely expensive!

2. Cologne: We know this one is tricky. Simone suggests getting your man a cologne you already know he loves, as how nicely a cologne smells is highly subjective.

3. A gift certificate: For Simone, a gift certificate to a nice restaurant, a store he likes to shop for clothes, or even a local getaway, is ideal for men of any age. He can redeem it when he wants to, which makes it convenient, and he may appreciate the thought that went into personalising this for him.

4. Memories: It may sound strange, but Simone suggests finding a way to make his favourite memories manifest. A collage of framed pictures, with special moments throughout the year that you shared, could be a very sweet and sentimental option.

5. These days, gift options are diverse and can easily reflect the personality, style and name of the giftee. So, Simone suggests maybe a custom-made sign with a message you know he'd want to see time and time again, a set of shirts with his name or initials, a personalised watch with a specially engraved message; it's all possible.

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