Tesha Miller convicted of JUTC chairman’s murder

December 04, 2019
Tesha Miller
Tesha Miller

Tesha Miller, a man who has been under the police's radar for more than a decade for several crimes, including murder, now faces the possibility of life imprisonment after being convicted in relation to the murder of Douglas Chambers.

The reputed leader of the Spanish Town-based Clansman gang was yesterday found guilty of the accessory before and after the fact to the murder.

A seven-member jury handed down a unanimous verdict yesterday. He is to be sentenced on January 9.

Chambers took leave from his firm and assumed chairmanship of the struggling bus company in October, 2007 for the symbolic salary of $1 a year. Five senior managers were fired within a few weeks of his appointment.

In January of 2008, JUTC announced that 340 employees were to be made redundant in February, and by June that year, the company said an additional 400 employees' positions were being made redundant.

He was gunned down on June 27, 2008 as he purchased cigarettes at the entrance of the JUTC depot in Spanish Town, St Catherine.

Bert Samuels, the attorney representing Miller, stated that his client had been unfairly targeted from the beginning.

"If he's being targeted? Yes. Every time Mr Miller is on bail he has to virtually go into hiding because it's either one thing or the other. The last time I defended him, it was for an offence of $100. That's less than any traffic fine. So he has been hounded, and he has had to be hiding, not because he is guilty, but when he shows himself up, there are charges laid on him," the attorney asserted.

Grounds for appeal

Samuels also indicated that already they have identified several grounds on which to mount an appeal.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey described the conviction as proof that the justice system is working.

"This is a representation of the hard work of the police and that the justice system is still working. Nobody is above the law and that was proven today," he said.

The senior police officer also confirmed that there are other charges pending against Miller.

In the trial, the Crown's witness, a self-proclaimed former member of the Spanish Town-based Clansman gang, said Miller told him that Chambers' murder was a contract killing.

He also identified Miller as the leader of the gang and outlined the hierarchy of the criminal organisation in which he said he was an area leader.

The witness, who cannot be named because of a court order, also disclosed that he decided to testify to put an end to the gang violence and extortion taking place in Spanish Town.

Miller, however, denied knowing the witness and refuted that he was involved in the killing.

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