Multimillion-dollar robberies rock MoBay

December 05, 2019

Two prominent business operators in Montego-Bay are still reeling from the shock of being fleeced of several millions of dollars, after robbers gained entry to their establishment on the weekend and stole more than $6 million in hard cash and goods.

Reports are that robbers gained entry to the GP Wholesale on St James Street and stole over $3.7m in cash, several cartons of cigarettes and a large quantity of phonecards. When the police arrived on the scene, it was discovered that the thieves had gained entry to the building by cutting a hole in the roof.

Another alarm was raised at the Administrative Office on Church Street on Monday morning, where it was discovered that a safe containing millions of dollars was forced open and the cash stolen.

Percy Grant, a business operator in the Second City, told THE STAR that though there is currently a State of emergency (SOE) and a zone of special operations (ZOSO) in effect in the parish, those have done little to deter criminals from wreaking havoc.

In the meantime, Sergeant Ulette Lewis-Green, the Corporate Communications Unit liaison officer for St James, stated that business operators are being encouraged to hire reputable security companies to guard their businesses if they are forced to leave large sums of cash at the establishment.

"Business operators must try to transport their cash to the bank on a daily basis, and they can feel free to ask for police escorts which is free of cost. One may not see a police officer in uniform in the township, but that does not mean that the police are not there. Officers on covert operations are always in and around the city of Montego Bay, on a 24-hour basis to ensure the safety of the public," she told THE STAR.

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