Worst Christmas gifts ever

December 05, 2019

Not all gifts are perfect, and though gifts may vary from person to person based on taste, some gifts are just simply a no-no. Here are a few gifts you might want to avoid giving this Christmas, and hope you don't receive.

1. Fruitcake - Imagine participating in a pixie gift exchange for the first time at your workplace. You go all out to ensure your giftee receives the perfect gift. On the day of the exchange, you find out your pixie only got you a fruitcake; Yes, a store-bought Christmas fruitcake. To make matters 10 times worse, you're allergic to nine out of ten of the fruits in the cake.

Who would be so cruel? If you are participating in gift exchange, ensure to do your research on the giftee and get them something they would definitely be appreciative of.

2. Kitchenware - Your mom is not your maid. No mother wants to be reminded on Christmas that they have to cook. This Christmas, get your mom personalised jewellery, she will thank you.

3. Shapewear - Your way of telling your girlfriend you love her is by getting her shapewear for Christmas? Don't you think that will convey another message, and will cause problems?

Try getting your girlfriend a nice pair of shoes this Christmas, ones that won't only have her stepping sexily, but thinking about you while doing it?

4. Socks - Your dad has been giving you money for whatever you want all year, and all you get him is a pair of plain socks? Not even customised socks to show that some thought went into it? How about getting dad a nice watch this Christmas, or even a customised keychain or shirt?

5. Gift card - Why would you get your friend a gift card for Christmas? No money inside, not a gift certificate, a plain, old gift card saying 'Merry Christmas', after many years of friendship. Consider giving that special friend a nice pair of earrings this Christmas, or a necklace with both initials.

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