Phone app launched to help shoppers find cheapest gas stations

December 13, 2019

Every wonder where is the best place to get the cheapest gas? If you are one consumer who believes in shopping around, a newly developed mobile app, CAC Jamaica, may be just what you want.

The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) this week launched the app, which will enable consumers to see the cost of petrol at gas stations in Jamaica.

The app shows users where gas stations are located, the distance the user is away from various gas stations, and the different prices gas is being sold for by stations registered with the CAC.

The CAC Jamaica app can now be downloaded through the Google Play Store.

"This app will help you to make a real-time adjustment and assessment if it is worth your travel," Junior Commerce Minister Floyd Green said.

"Not only does it give you the petrol prices with the gas stations that are close, not only does it give you a section to make a comparison, but it also gives you the direction to get to the petrol station with Google Maps," Green said.

Andrew Evelyn, information technology manager at the CAC, said the app has other features.

"Not only that, the app will give you grocery prices. You will be able to compare grocery prices at different supermarkets in your immediate area," Evelyn said.

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